Translating Neuroscience into CBT Practice: Current Opportunities and Future Directions

Welcome to the ABCT inaugural virtual summit taking place online on June 7, 2024! Join us for a day of conversation between basic neuroscientists, clinical scientists, and clinicians on how to best use insights from neuroscience in practicing CBT in the real world. 

Researchers and clinicians have long appreciated the promise of neuroscience findings in informing the application of CBT in practice, yet there are significant scientific, communication, training, and equity-related barriers to why this work has not improved CBT in real world clinics.

This virtual summit will address these barriers through interactive dialogues with experts in bioethics, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches to enhancing CBT outcomes, community-based participatory methods, as well as leaders at NIMH and DHHS involved in influencing policy decisions related to translational neuroscience. 

We will discuss:

  • The state of the science on hot topics, such as ketamine, psychedelics, TMS, neurofeedback, and neuroscience-informed “precision psychotherapy”, and their ethical implications
  • How to talk to clients about how the brain and body respond to CBT and debunking common myths about neuroscience and CBT
  • Professional development skills for training in basic science/neuroscience
  • Broadening the impact of neuroscience in CBT practice by engaging communities
  • How non-invasive translational research fits within the broader NIMH vision

There will also be opportunities for networking during an interactive poster session!

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